Thursday, 27 February 2014

Miniature clay food

My love towards miniatures started right from my childhood. Most of us would  
have played with the natural clay and created kitchenwares when we were kids. Nowadays we do get different types of clay which inspires us to try new things...

I had used air dry clay which is normally white in color and I mixed oil colors with it to make it colored. I tried making some really easy food stuff with help of YouTube videos and it came out good. So I wanted to share those tutorials here........


As you can see I made waffles,chocochip cookies,macrones,idly (famous south Indian dish) , sunny side up eggs and waffles with ice cream.

Materials needed

1. Air dry clay
2. Oil colors
3. Craft knife
4. Rolling pin
5. Match stick


Take a small ball of clay and tint it with brown oil color

Roll it flat with rolling pin and cut a small square out of it . With match stick make the impression

Waffle cone

Draw a grid pattern in a small piece of clay. This will be our mould  for waffle cone

Sunny side up egg

Tint very small ball of clay with yellow oil color

Spread the white clay as u wish and place the yolk. You can pour clear drying glue over it to get the shiny effect as in original egg

With our imagination we can create infinite little charms like this.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Wedding dress card

Ever since I saw a dress format card in some blogs , I wanted to try it. But I did not want to simply print the template and cut out. I needed something really different so made some variations and thought of decorating the skirt part with roses. And the roses are all handmade.

Materials used
1. Card stock ( blue,white,silver foil)
2. Distress ink ( for roses)
3. Stamps

beyond Grey- love is in the air challenge I have not used red or pink in the card.
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Thursday, 20 February 2014


This is actually called as double peek a boo card. Behind every magic there is a trick... If we get to know that we too can do magic!!!! This Super cool interactive card is really not that tough to make.

Materials  used
1. Card stock
2. Sizzix big shot
3. Square dies
4. Stamps to decorate

I actually learned to make this card HERE
A very detailed and easy tutorial. She had used circle punches to create window. But I used square dies to create  window since I don't have that punch . Punches of different shapes and different dies can also be used .

This is how the card looks when closed

And here is the view when opened !!!!!!!
  If you watch the video , you will fall in love with this card and you will try to make it on your own. Try It for sure .

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Monday, 17 February 2014

SPINNER CARD - My first post

Hi all , this is my first post . I never thought I would start a blog until I spoke with Dr.Sonia , who is a well known blogger, Whose works made me to try paper crafts. Her encouraging words  made me to start a blog the very next second I spoke to her. Thank u mam. Am very much new to this blogland and cardmaking .  Today I will share the making  of a simple card I saw in the net long back.


Things needed
1. Card stock
2. Pattern paper
3. Double sided foam tape
4. Compass or anything in round shape
5. Coins

Create base of the card by gluing pattern paper over a piece of  card stock.

Select another piece of card stock slightly smaller than the patterned paper , draw a circle and cut out like shown below. Save the center part that u will get while cutting 

Reduce the radius of the center part that u got .

 Now is the arranging part. U can easily guess by seeing the last picture. Use double sided foam tape for the centre round also which gives gap for the coin sandwich to rotate. Insert the coin in the track created to rotate

I actually don't know anything about blogging. I Welcome suggestions and comments which will be very much helpful for me. 

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