Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Air dry clay candle holder - Home decor DIY

Am Back to my favourite air dry clay craft after a few years . Made some amazing candle holder for home decor with air dry clay. This can be used as jewellery dish as well .

Materials used

Air dry clay (I used polyform model airdry. Make sure your clay is non flammable . Some clays are flammable . Am not sure about the polyform air-dry clay though so i use it mainly for decorative purpose.)
Round Cookie cutter or anything of that sort
Rolling pin
Tealight Candles
Gold spray paint( rustoleum mettalic gold)

Air dry clay candle holder

I was inspired by a tutorial in youtube. Link for the original tutorial .

Everything except the third from left is handmade. First one from left is made by rolling out clay evenly and poking some patterns .

Second one from the left is made by cutting out petals with cookie cutter, shaped it like rose petal , assembled it together  and waited till it dried on its own. Finally spray painted it with gold paint.

Third one is a dollar tree find.

And the last one is shaped and arranged like a lotus flower.

Am using all my candle holders to decorate my craft table ...