Thursday, 27 February 2014

Miniature clay food

My love towards miniatures started right from my childhood. Most of us would  
have played with the natural clay and created kitchenwares when we were kids. Nowadays we do get different types of clay which inspires us to try new things...

I had used air dry clay which is normally white in color and I mixed oil colors with it to make it colored. I tried making some really easy food stuff with help of YouTube videos and it came out good. So I wanted to share those tutorials here........


As you can see I made waffles,chocochip cookies,macrones,idly (famous south Indian dish) , sunny side up eggs and waffles with ice cream.

Materials needed

1. Air dry clay
2. Oil colors
3. Craft knife
4. Rolling pin
5. Match stick


Take a small ball of clay and tint it with brown oil color

Roll it flat with rolling pin and cut a small square out of it . With match stick make the impression

Waffle cone

Draw a grid pattern in a small piece of clay. This will be our mould  for waffle cone

Sunny side up egg

Tint very small ball of clay with yellow oil color

Spread the white clay as u wish and place the yolk. You can pour clear drying glue over it to get the shiny effect as in original egg

With our imagination we can create infinite little charms like this.


  1. எங்கடா இருந்த இவ்ளோ நாளா.................???!!!

  2. Really vry interesting work dharsh:):)

  3. hi are u interested in doin these in bulk for me .... how much wil u cost plz let me know

    1. I have not thought about the cost factor since am doing it for hobby. It a
      Would depend on number of pieces you need .Thanks for showing interest.

  4. Thanks for sharing a wonderful miniatures.

  5. WOW amazing stuff ...loved all 3 are super talented Dharshana!!

    1. Thank you :) I use to see many YouTube videos and try to make it :)

  6. Looks very yum! I cannot imagine how you made such tiny items! I have also started blogging very recently, like you!
    Somdeepa- A Frugal Crafter