Tuesday, 29 March 2016

DIY Paper Lamp shade

I am always fascinated by different varieties of candle, candle votives and shades available here, so when I wanted to try one easy candle votive with paper this idea from internet got my mind.

It is very to simple to make with normal things that you find around in home. Do try it and let me know how yours turned out :)

Materials needed:

Cello tape
Flame less candle( LED electric candle )

Step 1
Place a paper above foam pad or any soft mat and start poking holes in a desired pattern. If you find it difficult to get a neat pattern draw the pattern in pencil first and then pierce it . 

Step 2                                                                                         
Using glue or cello tape seal the ends together .

Step 3

Place a flameless candle like this inside the paper shade that we made and keep it in a dark place to see how decorative it looks . You can use normal candle  also but it would not be safe to use paper around fire hence I chose flame less one. If using normal candle use a short candle and place it inside a glass container and then keep it inside the paper lamp shade.  

This is how it looks in the dark. 

Friday, 18 March 2016

Crochet Daisy blanket

Spring has sprung!!!!

All my yarns are back to the stash. Winter was awesome with little snow on and off ..  It was my first snow experience and I enjoyed it with crocheting my own winter accessories and blankets.. 

 I made this blanket several months ago , it is the second blanket that I made . Happened to come across one of the lucid tutorial  Here  and tried the same. 

I chose dark raspberry ,pink and yellow yarn for my blanket. 
5.5mm crochet hook
Hobby lobby's I love my yarn 5mm
Made 36 squares totally and joined it with slipstitch and bordered it with double crochet . This blanket took me two weeks to complete.