Thursday, 1 September 2016

DIY Nail polish display stand -Recycled craft

Hi All!!!!! I am here today to show you how i recycled my empty soap boxes to a Nail polish display stand . You can make this with very limited number of materials . You will get the idea of making this when you see the instruction images .

Finished product  first!

Materials required 

Empty soap boxes
Designer paper
Punching machine (optional)
Inks or paints (optional)

Take an empty soap box and seal the flaps together using a heavy glue . 

Arrange and glue it all together  in a certain way that it ends with one box at the top. I have used two boxes at the bottom and one at the top.

(Use can use store bought patterned paper as well )Using a punching machine punch out the flowers , with the negative that you have got make patterns in the paper with inks or paints.

Cover it with the patterned paper that we made like shown above.

Now we need side and back walls to protect the polishes from falling down. Cut out cardboard pieces or any sturdy material in the shape shown above and cover it with designer paper.

Cover  it with  designer paper and glue it to the side and back of the soap box. Use glue gun or heavy glue like tombow multipurpose glue.


Arrange your polishes or any other items and enjoy . It will hold appx 12 nail polish bottles

The same can be tried with empty tooth paste boxes .. Hope it was useful .
Thank you .... 

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