Wednesday, 7 September 2016

DIY Compact mirror makeover

Hi all
I am about to show you the makeover I did to my compact mirror. I bought this as a souvenir from our visit to Luray caverns. I am in to clay and gold spray paint lately and I wanted to use the same to give my compact mirror an antique  look. Am glad how it turned .

Finished product first

Materials needed 
 Air dry Clay 
Rolling pin
Cookie cutter or knife
Gold spray paint
Plain compact mirror
Permanent strong glue 

peel the sticker from the compact and spray paint it with any color you like .
roll out the clay evenly and using the cookie cutter cut a round shape .  By pressing the stamp gently over the clay make impressions .

Spray paint it with any color you like. 

Using glue adhere clay piece with the compact mirror and let it dry for about 12 to 24hrs. (That's the time required for air dry clay to dry ).

And you are done !!!!!!

I am not sure how well it will hold in our handbags but am sure it does make a cute addition to our dressing tables...
Hope you enjoyed this little make over to the compact mirror. 

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